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June 28, 2022

Bentley announces its fifth model will debut May 10


Bentley announced it would debut “a fifth model” on Tuesday, May 10 to join the Continental GT, Continental GTC, Flying Speed and Bentayga. The notice included all kinds of wordplay suggesting extra length and roominess, Crewe members having “gone to new lengths” on the “long-awaited” vehicle that will bring “an extra dimension of on-board wellness,” and so on. We can’t be certain of what’s coming, but we’re willing to place a large wager that it’s the extended-wheelbase Bentayga. A prototype of the stretched family conveyance with an enlarged wheelbase and grandiose rear doors was caught testing at various points throughout 2021. And the door card in the teaser vid matches that of the Bentayga, not that of the only other four-door Bentley makes, the Flying Spur.

We don’t know how much additional knee space Bentley will grant to back-seat VIP types; were this another era, we’re sure Bentley would never quantify it beyond “more ample.” We’ll find out on May 10. There could be other changes in store for the variant as well, the automaker promising “a breadth of capabilities beyond anything previously offered.” If the teaser is correct, there’s a nifty shade of purple on the way, too.

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